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    Object of the Game

    • Clear the pyramids by clicking on cards that are 1 point higher or 1 point lower than the 'cut' card next to the deck

    In the example above, a player can click on a King (as it is 1 pt away from the Ace -- the current cut card). Other (non-optimal) possible moves in the example are (a) clicking on a deck to get a different cut card that would replace the Ace and (b) using a wild card (Joker) that can be later matched with any card.


  • A player can get a higher score by clearing long runs of cards. The color or suits make no difference.
  • Ace is considered to be 1 point away from both King and Two.
  • If no card can be played, a player can use the draw pile or a single wild card (Joker) that can be matched with any open card.
  • The game ends when (a) the time runs out or (b) if there are no more draw piles or (c) if there are no more moves.


  • Clearing a single card gives 10 points
  • Clearing two cards in a row gives 20 points, three - 30 points, etc.
  • Using the wild card or a card from the deck breaks the sequence, and the next card cleared would give 10 points
  • There is a time bonus in points for finishing the game earlier than the time limit

    Strategy Tips

  • Try to use the wild card only when absolutely necessary
  • Given a choice, try to clear the cards in a way that would open up more possibilities for further clearing
  • Try to strike a balance between clearing card sequences and finalizing individual decks
  • If you remember the cards used, you'll be able to make a better choice: at times it may even be advantageous to sacrifice a wild card in order to get a longer run or to finalize an intermediate deck

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